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Corn Oil

Marca Leon Premium Corn Oil is our finest product, specially made for healthier home cooking. It has Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is high in sterols that help fight heart disease.

Made from golden corn grown in our own fields, it’s expeller-pressed and winterized for pure, chemical-free oil that maintains its vital nutrients. Straight from the farm to the bottle, Marca Leon Corn oil is 100% sealed with freshness and great for enhancing the flavors of dishes, baked goods, sauces, and more!

With Marca Leon Corn Oil, you get heart-friendly goodness that brings out the best flavor in most foods.

  • Lecithin content helps oil and water-based ingredients blend better, making for smoother dressings & sauces.
  • Locks in moisture in meats, keeping them juicy after roasting and grilling.
  • Maintains a soft & moist texture in baked goods, pro longing shelf life.
  • Rich in cholesterol-fighting plant sterols that:
  • Help flush out bad cholesterol
  • Regulates Vitamin K, which contributes in clotting & clogging of arteries