Corn Grits

50kg Sack (Milling Sizes include: #8, #14, #18, #22, #30)


Marca Leon Polenta Corn Grits is made from hand-picked yellow corn to provide you clean, healthy, and premium quality corn grits. It is produced by grinding dried corn kernel to smaller sizes. It is widely used in making chips and even as alternative for mashed potatoes and white rice, where it can be used in recipes such as champorado, arroz caldo, and paella. Polenta is cost efficient with its cooking yield nearly 2.5 times higher than rice.

Marca Leon Polenta corn grits is healthier than white corn & rice as it has a lower glycemic index (GI) compared to white rice and white bread. Eating low GI foods may lower the risk of developing diabetes.

And wait there’s more! Corn grits are also gluten free and a good source of fiber, which aids in better digestion, Vitamin B1 for faster metabolism and Vitamin A to provide us better eyesight.